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Artist Statement

"When approaching a blank canvas I start with an image in my mind's eye. Painting however is often like life. Creative expression in any form is an evolving process . It often follows it's own direction if you simply allow it to flow.
And that process is the final reward."

Please visit my daughter, Jess Feury on Instagram or at jess-feury.com. She's a master weaver and jeweler. Her talent is limitless! Another artist in the family. So proud of her!

My love of nature and all things natural began in my formative years. The Green Mountains nurtured me. Pines, maples, elm and spruce sheltered me. Summers were spent gathering wildflowers to decorate my tree houses. Vermont's beautiful lakes were my first baptismal waters that led to a love of the sea.


My family relocated to northern New Jersey in my teenage years. Summers were spent at the Jersey Shore. Salt, sand and sea became my new love. It was during these years I was mentored in all things art related. I attended The Art's Student League in Manhattan and saved babysitting money for private lessons in watercolor, still life drawing, pottery, wood cutting and draftsmanship.



I spent many years working in interior design and was always grateful for the gift I was given at birth. The ability to see through an artist eyes. Space, color, light, balance, texture, depth and dimension are the stuff of beauty. The world is beautiful and nature is it's soul!

I dream of painting and then I paint my dream

-Vincent van Gogh

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